The college organized International MBA students to visit Lvyuan Company


On November 1st,more than 30 international students from Zhejiang Normal University majoring MBA paid a visit to Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co.,Ltd in Jinhua.(hereinafter referred to as Luyuan) They come from 10 countries including  Morocco,Liberia,Cameroon,Haskstein,Kyrgyzstan. As part of studying the investment theories for state-owned enterprises of these students,this research and investigation practice was organized by Dr. ZhuYaxiong and Mrs. Zhang from the college of economics and management.

Luyuan showed great support by arranging an overall visiting activity。 Firsly, these students got to learn the history of Luyuan as well as it's e-bike in the exhibition hall;then they were shown all these testing programs on every single part of a e-bike;afterwards they came to see what it was like in the assembly line and automatic production line;in the last part,Mrs。Ni ,general manager of  departments of e-commerce and international trade and Mrs。 Bao had a small conference with these postgraduates in thea classroom of university of Luyuan。Tops debated involved challenges Luyuan faced in the initial stage,various market prospects in different countries,policies ' role in the development of e-bike industry,the company's vision on exploring foreign markets,etc。 These students gained an in-depth understanding of Luyuan and the industry of e-bike market in China through this practice。


a picture of students visiting the workshop with Mrs. Bao's accompany.



Dr。 Zhu also conducted supplementary analysis for the students in terms of economic theory, investment and operation environment of the company, and encouraged the students to make more market research and research with professional knowledge in combination with the actual situation of their own country, actively explore the channels for cooperation between China and their own countries and promote better cooperation between each other's enterprises。



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